About Website

Simple Website was created as an example website that is powered by CollEntRes C++ library. It includes all the basic features of CollEntRes C++ Web Framework, which are used in almost every website. The code of Simple Website can be used as documentation and basic code (project skeleton) during developing professional websites.

You can download the source code of this website or find out how to install it on your computer from here:

If you learn the code of this website, then you will be able to develop your own high performance website. I hope you will love CollEntRes C++ Web Framework and make sure that C++ can also be used for professional web development.

Implemented Features

The following features of CollEntRes C++ Web Framework were implemented on this website:

  • CHTML view templates (incl. layouts and partials).
  • Use of entity relations for getting data from several related tables at once.
  • Controller access rules.
  • Memory sessions and cookie management.
  • Caching objects in RAM using Mem class. Cache invalidation.
  • Server side form validation using Rule classes (incl. file field validation).
  • URL aliases.
  • Regular expressions (incl. UTF-8 support for dealing with Unicode characters in patterns).
  • Multi language support, use of translation functions (incl. plurals and context).
  • Work with date and time. Presenting date and time values in different timezones.
  • Making requests to REST API services.
  • Use of block buffering for rendering widgets.
  • File operations.
  • Image upload, validation, use of GD library for resizing.


In order to make Simple Website work on your computer, you need to install the following libraries:

  • CollEntRes C++ library v. 1.2.1.
  • GD library (it is installed during installing the library above).
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